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CTMI's services and apps are focused on the following major application streams: 

   I - Trust tools such as business verification, Intellectual  Property protection, and support for anti-piracy in digital trade and commerce;
                       related support for commercialization, business incubation and secured online collaboration for business, industry and academia
   II - Provision of focused exposure for individual businesses through our proprietary databases  (local, regional, national and international.
                       Provision of focused exposure for chambers of commerce, boards of trade and other business organizations.

  III - Digital tools to support 'clusters' such as innovation clusters (IT, GreenTech, other), tools for regional economic development (including
                       for remote areas), support for 'local market' initiatives (locally-sourced food, fairs and events, other)

IV - Support for trade bodies, corporate clients, NGOs and public sector agencies addressing the SME communities via highly-customizable
                       projects and services

With our customer groups being diverse and ranging from local to global,  our service offerings are organized as follows:
   I - Existing and new individual businesses (SME / small and mid-sized enterprises; start-ups), companies looking to international trade for
                      customers, suppliers and potential partners.  These are serviced through a variety of  options in >> '
service grid I' below
  II - Chambers of commerce / boards of trade & other business associations. These are serviced mostly through >> WCN and
                       >> '
service grid II'
III - Commercialization and business incubators; corporate clients, R&D collaboration within and between academia and industry; NGOs; 
                      innovation clusters; specific trade bloc initiatives, regional economic development and public sector client services are also  listed in
                      >>  '
service grid II


Service options listed in 'grid II' for corporate clients, business clusters, incubators, universities / academia, NGOs and public sector agencies (including regional economic development) are highly customizable and scalable, given our core data sets that include over 10,000 communities in 160 countries worldwide.

These services also support various trade blocs and trade agreement zones,
such as BRIC, CETA (Canada-US $pean Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), OBOR (China's One Belt and One Road Initiative) and other such projects.

In addition, special regional business support projects, such as our 'Discover' series and the new >> '
Northern [Sp]Arc' initiative combine trust tools, special requirements of a given group outside 'fully wired' metro areas, and global marketing support.

Our proprietary data sets have been built up since the late 1990s, and we have the capacity to do various permutations and combinations to allow for the building of 'clusters' for trade (import / export), regional economic development, and other special projects. 

Such custom agglomerations CTMI/WCN databases for specific geographic regions or industries can either be free-standing, or matched to a public sector or corporate client's own geographic divisions, branch networks and subsidiaries. It also comes with a variety of advertising options, all focused on business communities...more on the corporate, university and public sector services here >> 'services grid II'


Services Grid I
(for individual businesses / small and mid-sized enterprises)

Please note: While service applicability is 'global', prices below are quoted  
 in US $s. For your convenience, here are two  'live' exchange rate sites  
>> External Currency site 1  
>> External Currency site 2  

Please >> contact us for sign-up information on any of the services below and any questions you might have


service / app name type / description verification level samples pricing
online credit card payment 
via PayPal

Basic CTMI registration
join our (privacy- protected) mailing list  not applic. not appl. FREE not appl.

Global Business Opportunity eXchange
short-term business opportunity, minimum 4-month listing

tens of thousands of businesses have used this CTMI / WCN service to advertise specific business opportunities
sample (China)

sample (India)

sample (Indonesia)

sample (Italy)

sample (USA)



FREE not appl.

Global Business Listing

12 month advertisement of your business, with your logo and embedded links for your e-shop or brochure  basic sample US $ 189 / yr Yes (Q4 2019)
Annual Gold Membership 'I' 

for SMEs (Small and Mid-sized enterprises up to 200 employees)
Become a registered CTMI member !



 - entitlement for a 15% discount on a ChamberTrust seal and/or CTMI-eVault account if purchased in the same year
not appl. not appl. (private data) US $ 39 / yr Yes (Q4 2019)
Annual Gold Membership 'II'

- for Corporate and government organizations (more than 200 employees)
Become a registered CTMI member !



- banner ads (rotating, 468x60 or 120x240) on 2 CTMI/WCN pages

not appl.   US $  299 / yr Yes (Q4 2019)
UPDATED Q4 / 2019

ChamberTrust™ Pro 
This is the flagship service for an inndividual business that wants to grow exisiting and new markets.

Full-fledged business verification seal that collects various hard data points to generate extra levels of trust...ChamberTrust Pro is a second-generation ChamberTrust seal thatI has extra features

For example, it Includes provisions to host not only an extensive business description (in multiple languages), it also allows the company to post a press release every month (for a total of 12) with up to  approx. 500 words carried at the ChamberTrust data base at CTMI/WCN
advanced ChamberTrust Pro
sample 1 (Spain) 
media room  

ChamberTrust Pro
sample 2 (Canada) 
media room 

from US $ 179 in the 1st year, US $ 99 thereafter on renewal

(NOTE: specific local chambers can bundle this with other services for different pricing)
Yes,  PayPal invoicing after verification results

CTMI-eVault services 
high-security, multi-layered encryption, with auto-notarization via digital receipts held by CTMI/WCN.

Strong applicability for:

-  Intellectual Property Protection for business in commercialization efforts, joint ventures, investor 'pitches', business incubators, submissions of inventor ideas, tools for innovation clusters etc

- versioning of contracts, trade documentation 

- Research and Development Collaboration

RFP (Request for Proposal) protection for the individual business

- secure storage of travel documents, medical prescriptions etc.

- Other

- includes auto-notarization of files and documents via digital receipts also held by trusted, neutral party

advanced >> CTMI eVault pages 

sample >>
from US $ 99 / yr for single account,, depending on package chosen. Includes verification. Yes, PayPal invoicing after verification results
NEW Q4 / 2019

"Local Market" Infrastructure service
online digital infrastructure for 'local market' cooperatives in rural / remote areas, i.e. for listings, transactional steps,  and media release purposes

Sample users would include:

- locally sourced foods

- arts and crafts

- other

This service creates a 'mini-cluster' for the specific local market group for

a.)  up to 50 of their members (GBXL  each, with options to upgrade to ChamberTrust Pro) 

b.) IN ADDITION includes a full page for the local market group at CTMI / WCN describing their group

basic with GBX, advanced with ChamberTrust Pro n / a from US $ 349 / yr per local group with up to 50 members  Yes (Q4 2019)
CTMI Business Bourse - Buy or sell a business

- search for JV or investor partners

- franchising initiatives

Services included :

a.) GBXL, and  

b.) ChamberTrust Pro, and

c.) CTMI-eVault

d.) Business Bourse database entry

advanced beta finished, rollout in December 2017 US $ 399 / per year Yes, PayPal invoicing after verification results

 Visit the >> CTMI-eVault / Intellectual Property protection pages 








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