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CTMI services are available for: 

ALL businesses > small, medium and  large 
-  Private & public sector organizations 
-  NGOs, R+D centers at universities, fairs & exhibitions
-  Incubators & commercialization hubs by business, academia
-  Innovation clusters, regional economic development agencies   
-  Local market initiatives for food, transport, recycling...
-  Tourism agencies


For current bonafide chamber of commerce and board of trade members, select services offered by CTMI may be available at reduced cost in the World Chambers Network segment of CTMI here

CTMI includes the database of the World Chambers Network global chamber directory built up over 20 years and listing close to 13,000 chambers that represent over 40 million business members. CTMI's expanded data system is now also open to other business organizations as well, subject to our editorial rules