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CTMI (ChamberTrust Management International)
provides an extensive set of online services for trust in e-trade, for global business exposure and for Intellectual Property protection for all types of businesses, academia, NGOs and various public sector initiatives worldwide. CTMI is set to add additional offerings in the fourth quarter of 2017.
CTMI has deep roots in global commerce, including through its unique association with
WCN (World Chamber Network), an organization representing Chambers of Commerce around the world in online initiatives for over 20 years. 
The base of clients and business offerings expanded beyond just chambers and their business members, attracted by the proven foundation of trusted services...
the demand for WCN services had grown to well beyond Chamber constituencies as many businesses from all over the world - including  those were not chamber members - were signing up for select WCN's services.


Brief History

   The first chambers of commerce were established in the year 1599 to help facilitate trade and associated trust by traveling traders. By the 1990ies, the organization had expanded to almost 13,000 chambers worldwide (local, regional, national, bi-lateral etc), with a combined membership of over 40 million businesses in 160+ countries....

This also reflects the different types of chambers of commerce and boards of trade in the world:  In some jurisdictions, they are public bodies with mandatory business membership and an expanded service palette (such as issuing business licenses and official trade documentation); in other countries, they are non-profit organizations that do not require 'automatic membership' by a business...

By the mid-1990ies, many chambers and businesses were making their first tentative steps in 'global online' commerce.  In 1997, the
WCN was established as the official digital backbone and global online chamber hub. The founding institutions were the Paris [Ile-de-France Regional] Chamber of Commerce and Industry (one of the largest metropolitan chamber of commerce in the world with over 800,000 businesses),  and a division of the International Chamber of Commerce. 


   In 2003, ChamberTrust Management International (CTMI) was incorporated in Vancouver, Canada as a basic trust to administer technologies and specific online WCN trust programs, such as the original ChamberTrust seal,  and CTMI/Chamber-eVault.. Soon after, all of WCN's online services were handled by CTMI and its technical partners.
  WCN's founding institutions and partners prepared to incorporate and develop WCN as a full commercial venture. 
Meanwhile, CTMI had expanded to cover non-chamber applications as well with programs such as the Chamber-eVault family, and other cloud computing-type services, for all kinds of business clients...
   By the fall of 2016, CTMI was entrusted by the WCN founding partners to run the WCN project as a real commercial venture...the WCN global chamber hub and its digital chamber services still being serviced by the same
URL as before.  

   In the fourth quarter of 2017, CTMI adds an expanded digital business services portfolio that services ALL businesses, academia, NGOs and public sectors worldwide - with an emphasis on 'trust', 'level playing field in global exposure', and 'trusted trade facilitation', including Intellectual Property Protection. It reflects its trusted roots going back to 1599... and CTMI's modern ownership reflects this via its mix of private, business, chamber and other related interests..


General Service Areas

   Business and Commercialization Exposure via internal CTMI Data for 160+ Countries and 10,000+ Communities 

   Systems Support and Trusted Trade Tools for Chambers of Commerce, other Business Associations and NGOs

   Intellectual Property Protection for Business - Academia - Industry - Cultural  Industries - Joint Ventures 
   Business verification and trust seals; anti-piracy tools

   Tools for Supply Chains - Request for Proposals - Trade Documentation -  Business Verification Seals 

   Technologies and Marketing Support for Export Promotion Initiatives; Access to Global Markets by Isolated Areas 

   Support for Regional Economic Development - Business Clusters - University Incubators - Blockchain registrations 

   Programs for Corporate Clients to Introduce new Business  Services by select Region, Country, Continent or Globally



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