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June 2016 - PLEASE NOTE:

This new CTMI segment will release in full shortly. Select, illustrative samples are included below. This CTMI service expands on the long-term success of the basic WCN GBX business opportunity listings (available to both chamber and non-chamber businesses) and recommends ChamberTrust business verification seals and CTMI-eVault services for parties interested in utilizing this service. More information on pricing and related will be made available soon.

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Berrymobile Fruit Distribution Inc

Berrymobile Fruit Distribution Inc. ("Berrymobile") in Vancouver, Canada is a company with a strong, long-term record and major growth opportunities, including expansion into other regional markets via its expersie in supplying both supermarkets as well as as operating street-level operations. The company is open to investor and joint-venture discussions for the next stage of growth.

Berrymobile has the ChamberTrust™ seal and prefers confidential contact and discussions via its Joint-Venture contact room account (CTMI-eVault group) 

contact Berrymoble via CTMI 



Entek is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Automation & Security Systems Cables and Coaxial Cables System , Electronic Turnstile Systems and Power Electronics Industry Systems products besides import. We are a Turkish company which is located in Istanbul, Turkey and producing quality products for our clients everyday. Now we are ready to build up another business on food sector especially agriculture products, dairy products and cattle. We are looking for a serious strategic partner for joint venture

Entek has a GBX advertisement @ World Chambers Network

conatct Entek via CTMI



Tranquinet, located is located in Madrid, Spain. Tranquinet is an interdisciplinary team of IT and Business professionals with more than 15 years of experience. It provides consulting in IT, Telecommunications and Software Engineering and software solutions, outsourcing of ICT services and IT staff. Tranquinet coaches other companies on their investment in ICT, ensuring maximum ROI.

Tranquinet has the ChamberTrust™ seal and ready to discuss expansion of its clientele and coach additional companies on their ICT investments.

contact Tranquinet via CTMI




Spectrumbyte is a privately owned, incorporated company in Canada specializing in computer graphics software and services. We provide post production image upscaling and resampling services using our FractalPix Upscaler™ and FRACTALPIX Resampler™ algorithms to select B2B clientele in the Digital Cinema industry, military and other sectors. 

Spectrumbyte is interested in joint-ventures focused on  marketing and can be reached via CTMI -eVault contact room options.

contact Spectrumbyte via CTMI



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